Video Export now available!

Video export with customization is now available!

Right now, only AVI format is supported but MP4 is planned. This feature works on all platforms but makes sure to use the non-web version for the best performance (web cannot write to disk so the memory can fill up quickly).

Customizations includes changing the colors for the radial gradient background. Custom background and overlay images are available (with opacity slider). Zoom level, resolutions, framerate, etc.

Video frames and audio should be in perfect sync, no need to screen record anymore!

Let me know of any options you’d like to see added in the future.

Posts some of your videos!


On the topic of the watermark, 9:16 video format runs into the problem of UI overlap:

Videos on TikTok will usually display the users’ handles at the top of the video, where it’s easier to notice - as opposed to the bottom, where you’d find the subscribe/follow buttons. Top-right would be a more ideal spot for the Notessimo watermark imo.

Ahhhh yes!! Good catch, noted! Talking about 9:16 format, I’ve been tinkering with it today, trying different style:

Let me know what you think!

(next update will fix some issue I’ve encountered while exporting like “corrupted” file and memory leaks)

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