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I know i’ve already posted this but here it is again.

Remember when having a level 100 Mewtwo was awesome?

This was a triumph.

I’m making a note here: huge success.

Fix’d, kinda.

Palkki: Disregard Jake; sleep is secondary to awesome.

I’ve made Sonic. Green Hill Zone and High Tides.

StarTropics: an NES game from my toddler-hood. It’s on the Wii’s VC; I recommend it to anyone with 5 dollars laying around.

Keep on truckin’, with Kirby!

Moving from 8-bit to 16-bit. All by ear this time.
Star Light Zone, from Sonic the Hedgehog 1. Oblig disclaimer, obvious liberties were taken, I created in fair use, don’t intend to sell, blah blah etc.


Well you don’t have to get upset.
Anyway, we all know this one.

I’m fairly certain that Masato Nakamura and Koji Kondo did them first, young Heart-a-sword, what are you saying? You have exclusive rights to any and all versions of these songs on Notessimo 2? Still, the reaction to theft can be fairly entertaining; did any catch the dana stack drama a few days ago? I print screened it if anybody wants to have a look.

Post edited due to vulgar language

Woah man! chill out! it’s ok!

Hm…looks like i missed some interesting stuff while I was away. lmao
But what’s this ‘dana stack drama’ that you’re talking about Hypo?

I know it’s a long delay but here’s now for you!

I cant reallyt do any others b/c they require trips.

Another Star Fox! 8-)

From Kirby’s Air Ride
Revised version of Serenade of Water

I finished this. After an extra 2 hours of work. This thing takes longer than Mario Paint Composer.

This is also my first attempt at a song in Notessimo.

P.S. Sorry for the kinda spam saves. I have a huge habit of saving every 5 minuits so I know that mym work is saved. Sorry, I won’t do that next time. I didn’t relise they get saved onto the server. I thought it just saved on your browser Cache, then voila you can upload it when you want to upload it.

One of my favourite SNES songs.

This didn’t actually take that long. I expected it to take longer but I was WRONG.

Looks like I got third starfox song =D

EDIT: I also made a runescape song but some Hobo has gone and uploaded it while changing the name and author ¬_¬

I LOVE Azumanga Daioh. Want me to do Soramimi Cake from Azumanga Daioh? Oh well, you can’t stop me! I’m going to anyway!

I like Osaka. And Sakaki. And Kaorin. And and and Kimura. They’re all pretty awesome.

But yeah, I’m working on it as I type… well that’s technically impossible. But I’ll try get it done ASAP and I’ll make a thread with (seeming that there isn’t an anime thread).

well i am working on bramble blast from DKC2/ SSBB so plz noone else try to do it PLZZZ. here is what i have so far