Post albums/eps/singles you have gotten on vinyl! Post a picture of it as well, if you can!

My most recent one is a single sided 12" of “maths” by deadmau5. Got it for $10.99. Score!

Nice buy, ever thought of framing the ones you don’t use anymore?


im waiting to get some vinyls soon that i preordered

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Same here! I ordered “while(1<2)” from deedmoose in June, and it’s coming tomorrow! :smiley: Too bad I’ll be out of town when it gets here. :\

also i don’t care if you double post in this topic.

Here’s a gallery of photos from my while(1<2) vinyl! So cool!

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One of interesting things about vinyl

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sooo cartrox? what’s on your birthday list this year?

oh not like 15+ records or anything

aphex twin - come to daddy
boards of canada - hi scores
brian eno - the drop
brian eno - lux
brian eno - my squelchy life
brian eno - nerve net
burial - untrue
burial - truant/rough sleeper
daft punk - alive 1997
death grips - the powers that b
oneohtrix point never - replica
the prodigy - the day is my enemy
squarepusher - ufabulum
swans - the seer
swans - to be kind
venetian snares - songs about my cats

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lol i may also put the money store on my list for my parents, it’s still at a reasonable price on amazon.

i can totally imagine the conversation once i tell them that the actual album cover has uncensored lady parts.

parents: omg carter you listen to such weird music
me: well that’s not the most inappropriate album cover dg has…
parents: rising eyebrows
me: one of their album covers is literally just a penis. not kidding. it takes up pretty much half of the record artwork.
parents: 0_0
me: …and it may actually be my favorite album from them
parents: 0_0
me:… so if you want to get me it–
parents: uhm no
me: don’t worry it comes with a black sleeve so you nor i don’t have to feel awkward about me having a penis in my record collection


i was with my friend and i asked him if he’s seen the No Love Deep Web album art
i showed it to him (on a private tab thank yeezus)
he loved it

I really want to get The Powers that B on vinyl but I don’t think my parents would appreciate me listening to a homeless black man screaming into a microphone at full volume

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if i do get it, i would just wait to play it when i’m home alone. lol, or just play it kinda quietly or with headphones on when people are around

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