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Its a good song but personally notessimo has gotten too techno lately.


Yes, this is the main reason why I didn’t vote for it, it just seems a little generic and similar to what cartr0x normally does.


I don’t know anything about techno and can’t write techno for sht… I just make simple rock-ish stuff…


Thanks to whoever featured this!

Good, but goes WAYY downhill after 42. Plus you overused a lot of the beats! It got pretty boring fast.

main parts are boring but solos are rubbish sense you no make


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i showed this song to my friend and he hwas in a trance, i had to carry him away from the cpu to get him out if it, im not sure, but i think i was my first time to, great song

tfb, you should become a broadway critic…

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Nice! Really good! Alot like boss music for a video game (Sounds quite familliar!)
Not to be mean or anything but songs are really good when 2 artists are working together to make a song! (2X brownie points!) BTW: GREAT SONG! keep it up guys!!!

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i remember this from the old website. this always seemed to be the type of music you’d find in a game in the wipEout series of games

I never did give this a review did i?

Intro was repetive, ( Intro seemed to be 21-22)
Sheet 0 was also guite repetitave
Alot of sheet 1 was repetitave, but the synths did seem to be quite a bit more suitable to me
Sheet 2 was a duplicate of sheet 1 but with the nice added, and thse seemd repetitave to.
3-6 Was MEGA repetitave. my least favorite part of the song.
Sheet 7 was random, cool in a way, cant really say much about it
Sheets 8,9, and 10 were interesting, went together well, this is where i thought the song got a bit better
sheet 11 was where the nice made it aperance again, ok i guess
Sheets 12,13, and 14 were the same as above but with nice
Sheet 15 BLEW MY MIND! Stupendous rise.
Sheet 16 was cool, i guess. The violin-nice combo made for a trance-like lead, which went along well with the bassline
Sheet 17-18 I found VERY interesting, How the synths evened up with the kick. The most math involved with anything in notessimo the way i saw it
Sheets 19 and 23 were boring
Sheet 20 made the ground for the next sheet
Sheet 24 Was in a way repetitave,But it was a progression that i found intreging.
Sheet 25 like 20 made ground for the next sheet
Sheets 26-29 were ok, Repetitave progression.
Sheets 30 and 35 the base blew me away, and the cymbals were nice in 35
Sheet 31 went really smooth
Sheets 32-33 Were nice-ish, I thought the synths were cool, but repetitave
Sheets 34-36 all there was was the drum reverb different, but i did like how 36 went into the next chain
Already went over 12-17, but 17 did set up the major repetitave chain
Sheets 38-41 were EXTREMLY BORING. that area was a let down
Sheets 42-43 were suitable, But they were solos and everyone has different opinions on those
Sheets 44-45 Were very cool. made the synth #3 area much better
Sheet 47 was kinda a presure release valve in a way, the snare effect was BEAST
The synth #2 solo ( Everything up to sheet 24 ) was nice
Went over 24, but it did set up the ending well
Sheet 50 was cool, but i didnt like how the song just BOOM, ended without and ENDING

Overall i thought if you didnt pay too much attention it was a great song, but digging into it made me realize how repetitave it really was. but most of my songs are repetitve 2, so mashing everything together with what i just said adds up to

( Dramatic pause )

But for just listening to its great


that’s what i like about the site. in fact, that’s why i havent closed my account

its supposed to be repetitive :guitar1:

@Timothy how do you know this?

because its electronic :P

Lol :why:


Sheet 30 - 35

Dat Bass