Visual bug on Mac port

First time opening up v4 on Testflight and I got a really small window showing only the player. Saw that I could resize it and got this:

On a Macbook Pro 2015.

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Thank you! Will investigate, I don’t have a functioning mac atm, so I only tested in a VM. Looks like it might be a DPI / Retina issue as the blank space is curiously exactly the height of the player.

Will investigate the default window size as well.

Will let you know when I submit a fix so you can test it again!

Is it possible that the custom cursors are bigger than it should be? On my VM it seems like the cursor are twice as big but not sure if that happens on a real device.

(you would need to hover the “player” part for the custom cursor to show up)

Yeah, the cursor does grow bigger when I hover. Is that supposed to happen?

Nope! Thank you, I’ll try to mitigate this issue as well on macos.

@Ace1257 Build 2022.16.234 for mac should be on testflight, could you please tell me if the issues are fixed?

I did a temporary fix for the cursors so some of them (like “move” and “dot”) are not available and will use the default arrow instead.

Thank you!

Ok now the player is double the original size. I can’t even resize it.

Can you try build 2022.16.235 that just released.

Seems like the DPI reported by Unity isn’t correct on Mac (retina). I’ve done some adjustment based on your screenshot, hopefully this can work out on all mac as well.

Sorry for the back and forth and thanks for testing the mac version!

No worries, it’s important to find these kind of bugs early in development. Still can’t resize the player, but visually it’s okay now.

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Perfect, thanks! Yeah, the resize player (not resize window) feature isn’t implemented yet on iOS / Android / Mac but will be done soon!