This took me about 2 hours so far… (I know right?)

I’ll finish it around next week… Does carrot still want to collaborate?

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Chords don’t match the melody.

Really, It’s hard to tell when it’s low…

Cymbal sounds a little weird (not good weird) and I didn’t like the sitar either. But except for that I really liked it.

I liked it a lot, for the most part. Some things I suggest:

Sheets 5 and 6… Their notes don’t blend well. (HALF-STEPS).

The bass drums in sheet 4 sound really weird… the rhythm doesn’t really match up with the song.

TRB, I actually really liked the cymbals and sitar.

Nice job so far, Aliens!

Idk what’s so bad about this, except for the slow start. It has great potential. You might wanna change up your melody at some time though, and the techno-feel of the bass drum is completely unneeded.

Okay, I’ll remember these things.

If what you mean I want to collab on this… Fudge yeah! This is so freakin’ awesome! I love the long buildup! It builds up great suspense!

We could collab on this and then work on Gangdam style…

Okay, how much do you want me to add on to this? A minute or a half?