Life would be so much easier if you could enter the volume/panning numbers from the keyboard instead of having to adjust that bar thingy. (Please God, don’t let this be mentioned in another thread)

that would be cool.
And your thread wins in two ways. This wasn’t mentioned before either.

i like this idea but it was mentioned sometime last year before the forums where cleaned so ya it was mentioned before but its great that you brought this topic back up.

I’ve heard that idea before, but it’s still a great idea. It would be so much easier than having to move that little slider and getting it right on after missing the amount your going for by 1 or 2 several times… very frustrating lol.

i wasn;t very active on the forums much in the summer, so I didn’t know. However, it does get frustrating to have to clcik the little bar, and struggle to get it between 148% and 150%. It never goes to 149%.

yeah it does but only if you click in a precise spot

i never tried that bonks self on head

We are sorry, God has not answered your call as someone has created a thread similar to this.