I just saw a google bot browsing the moderator control panel. i dont know how to screenshot so i cant show but we seriously might be in for some stuff.

We’ll be holding onto our asses until we get further word of this.

to take a screenshot, hit the PrintScreen button (above insert)
Open Paint.
Hit Ctrl &V at the same time
There is your image.
Upload it to an image hosting website (like Photobucket)
Post link on forums

That is scary. Maybe something happened. Bron Skien hasn’t been on in a while. Maybe the bot was looking for him.

Thats weird, my PrintScreen button is above the Number Pad…

I have a DELL keyboard. It probably differs from the exact location on each keyboard, but it should be in that general area

I have a DELL keyboard too…wtf?

Hmm thats weird, I DONT have a print-screen button… oh wait there it is

you know the mod panel is the thing we use for deleting/locking/editing/merging(moving)posts and other stuff.

Yeah. I just saw Anthony’s post was deleted. It could delete threads/posts without notice. This could be bad. Really bad.

Mac is Ctrl+Command+Shift+3 and its saved to your desktop. also use Tinypic. you dont have to register for it.

as far as the bot goes, thats our little secret as to what it was doing…

I thought that you hated all things Apple REA

He hates all things that aren’t blue text

I learned that it’s not Apple that is evil, but the “iTards” (you know, the people who are like the one guy from the mac commercials) who try to give it more credit than what it should and don’t admit that there are good things about other OS’s. I for one, after messing with OS X Leopard at school, have found that it’s an ok OS and its computers and laptops, though very pricey, are fairly nice. And I love the McIntosh apple (fruit) too!

but you cant eat them 'cause you are a compooter

Doesn’t mean I can’t like the geometric shape of them, how it’s plump and stout and symmetrical.

REA. You said you were at school. Computers don’t go to school. Or are you taking online classes? Thats probably it.

So is there any actual word on this threat or are we gonna discuss screencapping?

its a possibility that a couple of anthonys posts were deleted by it

Guys, the bots are just looking around for random words to put on their search. Thats why when you make a song a whole bunch of random words is the AD

I think I got a virus from this place. My computer has totally melted down. I’m using another one. :V