We need new rules

I have told several users here in the past week to refer to the forum rules because they had broken a rule of community conduct. Unfortunately, I now realize that the original thread for forum rules has disappeared. We need to write a new set of rules to outline concrete rules for conduct here.

Some suggestions:

  1. Be nice:
  • Don’t insult other members
  • Discrimination based on race/age/gender/sexual orientation/nationality/religion will not be tolerated
  • No trolling
  1. Don’t spam:
  • Don’t post two or more times in quick succession
  • Don’t post in old topics with nothing to add
  • Place particular large posts in spoiler tags (third button at top of toolbar)
  • Don’t go completely off topic
  1. When posting new topics:
  • Search if it has been created already
  • Post it in the right section
  • PM a mod before created a topic with your songs
  1. What not to post:
  • Sexual content
  • Malicious websites
  • Scams which can steal money

Yes Nuse!.. very good rules… I like the be nice bit.

But one thing users need to relies! A critique on a song is not being mean its saying what one personally thinks about a song!!!

There is a difference between critique and just plain putting down though. Such as:

A. I didn’t really like this song… the guitars sounded way off.

B. This song is #$%^&* bad! you never write good songs! I hate them all!

A. is good and fine, while B. is just plain putting down… this point should be clearly pointed out.

We already have these rules? What are the consequences?

Well they’re not written down anywhere … and the consequences will lead to banning.

Aw come on. Everyone can multipost as a mistake. But you did say lead to banning

Yes but everyone can edit posts too.

i might hate rules, but the new one should be in handy

I once wanted to create a topic so I wanted to see if there was already one. I searched something(it was photos) and found nothing so I created the new topic. I

Cool story.

Looks like you got cut off or something…Was there a problem with your search?

after seeing two pages, none of the titles didnt have that word in it.

So did the topic exist already?

I hate people that share unfinished songs

well sometimes the unfinished song is still really good… but not always :P

Like hellsticks featured songs. The’re unfinished.

We need to bring back that 10 (mabeh take it done to 5) songs a day… I bring this up because… Look at how many songs Timothy Verbist posted!!!

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The effort in those songs is spread thin, as well.

When was there a rule like that?

I think we should just copy down the old rules in a new topic, you mods remember them right?