We need new staff by TV / Blarsargo / Aliens Exist =3 / Ace1257 / carrot / SuperPickle2 / Dynamite

If its politicy on notessimo we have to vote eachother for moderator or administrator and i’ll tell who and why:
Ace1257, because he is great at covering songs
THEFinalBoss for his Criticism
Carrot for his songs
Aliens Exist =3 & SuperPickle2 for their effects & songs
myself for my best songs
Dynamite for his pure techno songs
Malice for her songs & criticism
Blasargo for his songs
& CtelinAjira for his Prancing Dad cover

So i now need criticism and tips to make better Dubstep songs! ll

Credit to: Ace1257 for his Lavender Town ll
Carrot for his All Night ll
SuperPickle2 for his Error ll
Blasargo for his Death Waltz ll
I think to everybody who made them, i just remixed them. ll
==== very important!==============================ll
=read the very important part before you give tips & criticism!ll

Wow…lets vote on who shouldn’t be a mod:
Timothy Verbist: Plagiarism and spamming, perfect mod material there.

A moderator is NOT someone who makes good songs.
We already have too many mods as it is and you find that they are sick of giving out warnings.


And your here to fill TFB’s place, I presume?

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i’m not there ??? aw i’m cry k

QVX is already a mod. I don’t wish to be a mod.

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Dynamite for his pure techno songs

Thanks, but I am not moderator material.

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Bit quick to judge…

  1. I am a mod (as TFB stated)
  2. Verbist’s way of determining a mod is flawed
    Imagine a really good composer who is really irresponsible, the site would just be chaotic.

Verbist… There are like 15 mods, just sadly 2/3 of those (if not more) never get on anymore…

The mod-to-nonmod ratio used to be like 3:1 on the forums at one point in time. With the move to the new site and newer users coming to Notessimo this has normalized out finally. AND IT NEEDS TO STAY THAT WAY.


Really? just because of SP2’s and my effects? not my metal or drumn’bass? or Superpickle2’s Dubstep and politeness?

Plus… I don’t really need to be one.


Where’s hellstick on the list? and Yellowtail, Song guy, therealbowlingball, leifeday, TheZaxx and others?

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guys i’m wondering why this is here to be honest

Because it’s Verbist approved.

I’m actually over this too.

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