Weird News

There always seems to be some sort of odd story in the news every day, so why not share them here!
Like one story I just read:
There was an Ohio teen who was seriously injured while snowboarding and airlifted to a hospital in Pennsylvania. While at the hospital, doctors started removing organs…before he was declared dead. Now, the family of this kid has filed a lawsuit against the doctors for killing their son by administering medication and removing his breathing tube.
Here is the full story.

That reminds me of a news story I saw while I was looking for one to do a report in English on!
It was about a man who was arrested for hugging an orricer…LOL
He was getting interrogated for intoxication and according to him, the officer “just needed a hug” LOL


Thousands of Toads Killed in Australia

Thousands of people in Australia take part in a celebratory mass killing of poisonous cane toads that plague their country.

what the hell?

Ha! Stupid lady.

Odd Creature

that was a cool eel/worm/other thingy

I wonder what it must feel like, swimming at the beach, then you see a 4 foot worm wrapped around your feet. The shock/terror must be great.

Here is a fir tree that was growing inside a man’s lung.

I heard of the tree in the lung not too long ago. Now I have to be careful when breathing heavily around pinecones


so apparently rhode island wants to changes its name to rhode island,

I don’t get it…

just read this

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Ohh ok, that makes a little more sense. The way you worded it made it seem strange lol

Some cab driver committed suicide…by decapitation. He tied a rope around his neck and then tied the other end to a lamp post. After he did that, he got in his cab and drove really fast. And then, y’know, his head popped right off.

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