Weird Time Signatures

This song was originally composed for guitar (by me) …


Quick TC! Change the topic title to “Wierd time signatures” so this thread actually has a chance of not getting locked!

that was great, actually. and change the title and you have my approval, but ill warn you to, you gotta ask a mod before making a new thread, songs mostly, otherwise, it usually doesnt matter.

Ah, sorry… I was wondering why I didn’t see 1,000 song topics :twisted:

It’s a good idea for a topic. Does this mean all time signatures apart from 4/4? If only Starburst had the time signature option …

It was a great song btw.

Yeah, I guess all time signatures apart from 4/4.

Oh … the possibilities.

like (2/3)/4
there is actually something written in that :twisted:
i will find the link later sounds like crap though

Sounds good and I like the thread idea.

“Weird time signatures”. Am I the only one who thought of Dream Theater after reading that?
Anyways, that was a pretty nice song you made there.

this is in probably in the weirdest time signature ever
maybe why it sounds so bad

Yeah it also seems to be is some sort of a whole note key. Here are the opening bars:

Also if we’re naming requests take a look at this one:
The first bar is in 142/8, the second in 87/8, third in 42/8, etc.

Like hell is his problem? Isn’t he just sitting there slamming down on the keys?

Yeah it randomly alternates between mindless bashing and random notes in between long pauses. A masterpiece. I honestly think he made it all up on the spot.

Haha, yeah. They probably started recording and he’s like “Oh shit! What do I do?!?!” Then he starts bashing the piano, haha.

I’m lawling just thinking about a time signature like that.

Hehe you guys probably won’t like this, but because this thread isn’t really for making songs I moved it to the music off-topic thread. I didn’t want to lock it though, because I can see you guys are having a good old time discussing random time signatures. However I still don’t see how 3/4 is a “wierd” time signature. It’s the most common one besides common time. And I still do think that 6/8 and 3/4 are the same thing, just like 2/2 and 4/4. when i say they are the same, it just means that each measure is exactly equal.

I do like it, because now I don’t feel obligated to post a song in a wierd time sig here.

Yes we are.

Me too, I think it’s fairly common.

That clears a lot up for me. I never understood n/8 time signatures (if you read the thread about tempos in the Help section, you’ll see), so thanks.

But the original idea was to post Notessimo songs in weird time signatures (3/4 is weird because it’s not common here). I just went a little off-topic. Sorry.

In music classes, 3/4 is the second time signature you learn after 4/4.