Welcome to AccordionVille by Me

We are here now in AccordionVille, where the accordions play the main role (this sounds a bit Jazzy because of the bass, but its more rockish with the drum beats) Sometimes the Glockenspiels & the Organs play the guest roles, because they were at Sur un Air d’accordion.

I hope you enjoy


what the fuck

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I liked it but the glockenspiels were way too loud.


Not that bad. The cymbals got annoying though and the glockenspiels were too loud.

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Yep. Definitely not going there for a vacation trip.


I thought the drums were meant to keep the beat, not confuse them on it.

Guys, he took the loud glockenspiels from my NTP of ALMoH. I’m so sorry.


This is one of his better songs? ARE YO UFUCKING SERIOUSDFJLS OLOLOLWAT

its really my fault, if i didnt steal Final Fantasy Hurry or SMBR (both by Starburst) or some parts by Aliens Exist =3, or the Rhodes from your song or spammed the library or the threads, or did plagiarism, or stole your loud Glockenspiels. I was earlier a composer from Ajira’s level :-(

On the other hand: I do not have to complain, because Tsukasa & Musicis like this song :|

I added to/remixed this: http://www.notessimo.net/page/browse/songs.html/_/metal-rock/rock/welcome-to-accordionville-remix-r70190