Welcome To Vibes Town by Me

I think this is a sequel to Welcome To AccordionVille, but now the vibraphones have the main role.

I worked 1 hour & single minutes on this, so tell me what you think.

Give Tips & Criticism if you want.

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i am almost a composer from Ajira’s level

6 and 8 were good, I also liked 4,5, and 12. Besides the song being 8.30 minutes long and that the drums were not that great, this wasn’t that bad.

You fucking kidding me?

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Yeah, He’s WAY better than Ajira.


^ pffft… of course

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I’ll be honest, you are not close. In fact, CtelinAjira is above more than half the notessimo community, so you shouldn’t feel so bad that he is much better. Hell, he’s better than me.

Anyways, improve the drums and it will sound actually pretty good.

P.S. I accidentally changed the timestamp. What a coincidence that it says 9/11.
The timestamp acctually should be ‘1359893600’.

Of course he is better than me. Thats why i need to try harder to get more respect!