What are you listening to?

Post what you’re listening to, whether it be sad and depressing, or happy and cheerful, or anywhere in between.

Im listening to Rose by Cornandbeans.

I’m listening to Bang Camaro by Bang Camaro. Awesome guitar solos in this song, fricken awesome
And it changed…to Born to Lead by Hoobastank, another nice song.

now im listening to F.Y.T.F.O. by Bang Camaro.

Honestly, I think a thread like this is something that should be in PM’s or the chat room…it’d be kinda strange to constantly update this with what you’re listening to.
Someday Love Will find You - Journey, my current song.

well i cant go to chat.

Ah, that’s right…
Oh well, I’m done listening to music for now anyways…so yeah.

best musical playlist ever (25 greatest hits): http://view.playlist.com/11161470731/standalone

The Games We Played by Torley Wong

Apocolyptica and Metalica

While my guitar gently weeps by- (Well, I like the song; I just don’t pay attention to artists)
Anyone heard it?

Rock on

I’m listening to pure rock, from TTFAF, to Crazy Train, to Bowser the Shredder (IN progress on Notessimo)

hey jude on my mp3 player

More Than A Feeling by Boston. I’m fretting it for MFH-Alarian.

Now I’m listening the new Nickelback CD. Yes, 6 days before it will be released! Listen to it here. Just click the symbol to the right of the name to listen to the song.

Now, I am listening to my band’s performance at our November 18 concert. I am part of my school’s symphonic band
(I play the trumpet). You can listen to them here:

Shadowood Portrait
Heaven’s Light
The Light Eternal
To Challenge the Sky and Heavens Above

If you are wondering about the guy in the video, don’t ask me, ask my fellow trumpeteer Ben (Burgben20101 on youtube). He is the one who put that on there.

I’m listening to Paradise on E by BOUNC3 http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/26209
and Lazy Summer Days by Cornandbeans http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/89792

Paradise on E = awesome, has it on my ipods

At the moment im listening to my brother getting stressed


pink floyd. one of the greatest bands in the greatest subgenre of the greatest genre of all time.