What did you get for Christmas, Hannukkuh, etc.

I got a video camera, Wii points (2000), Wii Music, Pokemon Ranger:SOA, Sonic Chronicles, Bath crap, a workout thing, a massager, a music stand, and a blankie (not including clothes )
That’s a lot when I look at a list!!!

I got GH:WT, technically got it about 2 weeks earlier, lots of money, Team Fortress 2, and I got to spend time with the girl I love (that one’s kinda… cheesy I guess, but after not seeing her for 3 weeks, I’d say it’s good enough lol)

I thought someone would start one of these threads!
I got a bunch of stuff including a 4x4 Rubik’s cube, a video camera, PS2 games, snow shoes, clothes, etc.
But, the biggest thing I got (not size, value) was a silver Yamaha Xeno YTR8345 trumpet.

Woah… Lucky!!!
By the way KdIuIdLeA, not really so cheesy when you add how long of a time period the wait was!

Yeah, I can’t believe my mom actually got it.

I got Rock Band 2 and a Casio CTK-720 keyboard

i got pants, a shirt, M&Ms, a toothbrush, and GH:WT.

Yay, it’s Christmas!
I got Wii points (2000), Super Mario Bros. Wii (Wii), a Sustain Pedal for my keyboard, a $100 gift card to Guitar Center, and some other small stuff.
But those are the gifts I like the most.

I dont know massive snow storm over here so I couldnt goto my Nana and Grandads (Grandma & Grandpas) to open presents and stuff… got to wait till sunday

I got $550 and Beatles Rock Band.
Good enough for me, now what should I go buy with that money? lol

new acoustic , wireless mouse and keyboard, cooling tray, Droid

@kd : you should buy and send everybody on your friends here a coca-cola and a cookie.

well I got the enV3, NSMBW, a universal remote,30$, 2 25$ gift cards to AMC theatres, and a beanie with a brim.

my big thing was a ps3 (i’m using now)

My Grandma came over yesterday for Christmas and I got a MP3 player! (I’m using now)

well some things I got was a GOOD acoustic guitar instead of my cheapo First learner guitar…A slide whistle (woot)…a tablet thingy (using now)…and buncha other stuff -cant remember at the moment-


Gimmie your PSN ID, if you can get online, that is.

okey dokey. its fishrocker (i wonder why)

My best gift was a “game chair”
you know the ones you can hook your game system up to and have instant surround sound (mine does that atleast)

LOL Hannukkuh…its ah not uh…ive also seen on a calender that has it starting with a “c” ROFL

also you posted at 2:59 today…me and DD12 did too…wth

lol, i wondered how long it would take for someone else to notice the Chanukah thing, and it’s still spelled wrong, it’s Hanukkah

actually its spelled with a c