What do you do before composing a song?

Before I compose a song.First i relax,and imagine how the song would sound like.As my imagination is really good.I can imagine any kind of music,or instrument in my head…Rock…Piano…Guitar…Or even a whole rock band playing.And all that in my —>MIND<— With this,I just only need to compose it down,and upload it.That’s the way that i made all of my songs…The Human Mind has great powers…you just have to discover it.

The only problem I have about composing music is that I can’t listen to music while I do it! Before I get in though I generally like to have something I have been inspired to write sometime before, so that I can jump right in. Once you get into the zone you can go for hours, though it can be hard to come back sometimes. But I generally feel that having a quiet environment and a comfortable sitting position are conducive to a good writing session.


what i do before writing music: hope to god i can write music on that particular day


Me too, Sky. I normally just mess around with instruments until I find something I want to work with. Some days I can’t think of anything. Other days I can make something pretty quick. I guess it just depends on the day.

For me, I improvise something on my keyboard at home to get some kind of good base melody or rhythm, then I build off that and create songs.

The process of me composing:
It is a day where my computer doesn’t suck and I’m not lazy.
Since I always have any tune in my head all the time anywhere, I just compose.
Of course, a day where I’m not lazy is rare.

What I do before composing:
Find a MIDI, go outside, run around, listen to a bunch of other songs, talk to Blogordozaro over the phone, play Touhou, do chores, nap, procrastinate, play MAGIC The Gathering, implode, do math (dem sigmas are f*cking retarded), obtain more MIDIs, sit down, look at the computer screen, put my fingers on the mousepad, click “Compose”, wait 9001 minutes for it to load, find random songs I’ve made, listen to them, go back to the song I’m about to compose, pull up the MIDI/MIDIs of the song, check the forums, play forum games, post stupid status updates, post stupid posts, and then Compose.