What does IHE's face looks like?


wait. wat?
don’t you men “The”?

like this

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No, really, some people don’t know what he looks like, but he hides his face with his profile/avatar picture.

IHE says that some users are need to show his face and they don’t know what his face looks like but he also says that “Things are going way TOO far”, eventually, he tweeted on his twitter account.

I think you should wait for few days, or months, or years because he hadn’t show his real face yet. (Not his avatar, I’m not kidding)
If he does, he would often reveal his face because some people need to reveal his face so badly that his fans were very often convinced that I hate everything (Alex Bolton) hadn’t respond to user’s comments that they don’t know what his face looks like. I was very convined that Alex Bolton will not reveal his face. Also, his voice is british, he attempted to speak english, but he almost did, idk he drink too much soda or anything.

but why do you care, though?

Because when Alex Bolton revealed his face, I will permantly show it to you before he posted a picture (or something) on twitter that his face doesn’t match to his youtube profile picture, all I know that he is british (he’s now american?) he lives in UK, I don’t know what street he lived in, he lived inside his apartment and then, he makes videos using adobe premiere software on his computer, he doesn’t act british, he acts american, so he posted his video about that he hates pewdiepie fandom, and he thinks ‘pewds are fucking useless bitch’.

A lot of people like to do that.

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alex from IHE = max from Notessimo

to unidentify themselves so people cannot see them faces?

no so that they don’t get shit on by leafy