What I want for V4 (Features and Bug Fixes)

Some various features and bug fixes I want for V4.

1. Instrument editor
Similar to the OpenMPT sample & instrument tab. Good for pre-processing your instruments.

2. Graphic EQ for the instrument editor
More versatile than the V3 pass filters as it allows you to make more subtle changes and you can boost frequencies. Great for tone shaping your instruments or to fit them better in the mix. 10 bands with ±12 dB range might be enough. Make sure to add an output gain incase of clipping (I guess the instrument editor would already let you adjust volume so this might not be needed).

3. Stero width / stereo separation setting for the instrument editor
Since most instruments in the database are stereo this would be good for adjusting the ‘stereoness’ of your instruments. OpenMPT let’s you set the value from -200% to 200%. 0% = mono, 100% = no change, 200% = double separation. Negative values swap channels.

4. Tranpose and detune for the instrument editor
Let’s you set the base octave for the instrument and detune the instrument by ±100 cents. You can use transpose incase an instrument is visually in the wrong octave and use the detune to fix out of tune instruments or to slightly detune instruments for creative uses.

5. Pitch / pan separation
Also from OpenMPT, let’s you automatically pan from a center point. Good for automatically spreading instruments like pianos, strings, etc

6. Random variation
Also from OpenMPT, can be used to add randomness to volume, panning, cutoff, and resonance. Can add a more human character to the music and the music can sound/feel different everything you play it.

7. Let us add multiple effects to a layer, etc.
Allows multiple levels of processing as a signal chain.

8. Effects for tracks and global
Track effects allows processing of multiple layers with 1 plugin (eg. same reverb on drum kit track instead of putting reverb on each individual drum layer).
Global allows processing of whole song (like the master setting on the OpenMPT plugin mixer).

9. Simplify mixing effects
Instead of having different mix modes, dry mix setting, etc. Just make it a separate dry slider that only affects the dry volume and separate wet slider that only affects the wet volume (add the gain multiplier to further adjust wet volume).

10. Global volume setting default of -10 dB
When you add global settings, make the default volume -10 dB so you have at least some headroom by default when making a song, especially helpful for new users who don’t realize they’re writing into a limiter.

11. Port every OpenMPT effect and potentially add more
The OpenMPT reverb, echo, chorus, and are pretty solid and the ParamEq will be useful for mixing, but I wouldn’t be opposed to porting and redesigning some open source plugins; I’ve found some great reverbs and delay plugins if you’re interested. One effect I definitely think we need is some sort of good waveshaper or saturation plugin; I found a great open source waveshaper if you’re interested.

12. Any other feature I’ve mentioned in a comment or topic
Stuff like better layer UI, simple meters for layers and song, mute and solo switches for layers/tracks, change transparency to only affect visual (since you could just use the mute and solo switches), better selection, etc.

13. A way to access a large and detailed meter
So you can watch your levels with an clear meter that provides numbers so you have a better idea of your levels. Would be a better version of my previously mentioned meter idea. Perhaps when editing layers, tracks, global settings you can see a better meter within the menu

14. Access to missing samples
Some instruments have missing samples since you can only access the sample used at 100 velocity.

Bug Fixes
1. Mismatch of instrument names and icons
Some instruments have a different name and icon between the database and the composer.

2. Songs not normalizing properly
Sometimes songs don’t actually get normalized when uploading. I have some uploaded songs that peak around -5 dB, etc. and sound a bit quiet.

3. Potential issue with post-processing and clipping
There’s potential for uploaded songs to clip from anything that affects the volume post upload. This is already an issue with the current pan law since it will add 6 dB to hard panned sounds to a normalized song. Any sort of increased level from post-processing effects could cause clipping too.

4. Incorrect sample playback
I have some instruments that don’t playback samples properly. Though it’s possible this is just caused by the compression and will be fixed by the HQ instruments preference.

5. Exports give .file extensions
Exports are assigned .file extension because they’re unrecognized and requires a rename every time to fix them.

6. Fix any other bug I’ve reported in a comment or topic

Thank you for this awesome app Starburst!

I also want to see MIDI and VST support make it’s way to V4

V4 will eventually allow loading of midi files.

You can actually record from a midi keyboard onto V4 and it will convert the midi data into the .note format. When you select an instrument, you can click the red record button to enable recording from a piano keyboard or the onscreen keyboard.

VST support can’t be done because when you listen to a song, you’re listening to the direct playback of V4’s audio engine. If VST support was possible, you would have to download the VSTs used in a song to hear it properly, which would just be unfeasible or impossible. Starburst could add audio plug-ins onto V4 if they are open sourced, because he could edit the source code to integrate them onto V4, then anyone downloading V4 would also be downloading those plug-ins.

Starburst is porting over the standard effects that are provided by DirectX. They’re pretty basic, but there are probably some tricks using Notessimo’s sound editing tools. I’ve also tested them inside OpenMPT and found settings that will generally give decent sounds. You can get some decent reverb and delay sounds and I will create a guide when Starburst finally adds effects support.

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I’m a bit late but I also want to see microphone input recording for actual spoken vocals instead of being limited to instruments for vocals.

You can upload vocals as an instrument and use them inside your songs.
There is a 500 KB limit for instruments.

I recommend using OGG instead of WAV or MP3. OGG is much smaller than WAV while having a much better quality ratio than MP3 as well as no built in delay like MP3.

Even a 128kbps bitrate OGG is great quality. At a tempo of 125 and length of 16 measures, that OGG is 480 KB which fits the 500 KB limit.

Here’s a vocal instrument I used for a cover.

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