What if Notessimo is Television (related to Carrot) by TV Guy

its based on Carrots TV THing, so tell me what are the songs in an order of appearence

I’m not on either of these, yay for not being notessimo famous!

Cool, My main sheet from me and geroges collab. Thx bro. But you messed up the energy

i am sorry about the energy

did you notice my Metal Sea?

Please, don’t copy. It’s not nice. Lol. Thank you, goodbye.

sorry, carrot, but i love Music & Television

I know, it was a joke.

“TV guy”, nice pun.

I didn’t get any of them just by looking though.

sheet 0: a Verbist song
sheet 2: What I’ve done
Sheet 3: another Verbist Song
sheet 4:

yes Dyna its that collab
Sheet 5: On the Moon
Sheet 6: Marimba Blues (by me)
Sheet 7: a Song made by Ixetf
Sheet 8: another Verbist Song

So you had four of your own songs?

on my television thing, yes i put them up