What I'm learning in Music Theory right now

I’m learning about Neapolitan sixths.
Basically it’s a major second chord. It’s not in the normal scale so that’s why the call it that.
What you need to do is go a half step up from do and build a major triad from that.
Make sure the root is Ra not Di.
Put it in first inversion.
For example, Neapolitan sixth in the key of C would be spelled: Db F Ab
Pretty funky stuff. It’s all in the same section of the book that has chromatic harmony.
Something previous I learned was V/V (five of five). You go to the fith of the key specified, then do a fifth from that note. Make sure the chord you end up with is major.
For example V/V in the key of C: the fifth of C is G. a fifth of that is D. so V/V of C is D F# A.
There is also stuff like V/iv. This is usually seen in minor keys. Why? take a fourth from the key, then take a fifth from that. You end up with what you started with, but you are able to have it major. For example, in C minor: V/iv, you take the fourth of c, which is F. A fifth from that is C. so C E G
There is also stuff like 7dim/V., V/ii, etc. for those, especially the diminished ones, it’s best to just think of intervals, since (fully) diminished (seventh chord) is minor, minor, minor. Half diminished is minor, minor, major.
There even was a part where it asked for bIII (flat three major) and bVI (flat six major). This ties into modulation of keys and such.
Yeah. The stuff I am learning right now is somewhat confusing, but it’s a fun challenge. That’s some music theory for you!

I’ll allow it doesn’t know the octaves still.

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I have NO idea of what notes you’re talking about (cause i’m not too experienced with note names), but I understand what you’re saying.


prove us wrong

i went and defined octaves on google and didn’t understand it so i can’t

i know a lot more about music now