What Instruments do you play? POLL VERSION

Imstead of going through posts to see what everyone plays, why not see it in a poll!

What does it mean to play an instument?

To get sound out of it. Lucky you I didn’t spam the votes. anyway…

I know I voted trumpet, but I did for a while and I was getting pretty good untill I had to do more harder songs, it wasn’t really worth playing for long because I wanted to learn a more “Modern Instrument” and I’m a pretty sweet drummer, everyone in the school thinks I’m a “Musical Genious” but I just smile and go with it, I’ve gotten used to it. But there is a catch to being musically gifted.

Envious musical geeks who think they know everything about music. But the funny thing is that; I’ve beaten them ALL in a beatboxing - off TWICE. Just to teach them a lesson. Maybe if they keep being smartasses I’ll challenge them to a RAP BATTLE!

all in all… I’m a pretty damn good musician around the neiborhood… I sometimes even walk into some grocery store and someone will compliment me for no reason, I love my gift! X3

Mostly Piano or organ, but even guitar & Xylophone do i play

I like how everyone who’s voted so far plays the piano.

it’s not uncommon…

Where are the bongos? Bass guitar? Didgeridoo?

Also do the saxes have to be divided?

I will change the poll a bit

I play all percussion, piano, and now I play the TUBA. YES THE TUBA. I’m a great drummer who’s ahead from about everybody else in my band, so it gets boring sometimes, so I asked my band teacher if there were any other instruments I could play, and he said he needed a baritone tuba. I accepted the offer. Now he’s gonna teach me how to play it! :3

Ukulele and harmonica are not on there… :(

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Does “Beat-boxing” count?

I play the piano!

This is the best instrument, no ?

You forgot tin whistle!

and kalimba…

And spoons.

and double bass…

I think string bass is double bass.

Also knives and forks.


There’s this instument that’s in the shape of bow and you play it a feather. I forgot what it’s called though…


YAY tahanks