What is your Comment Question of the day?

Not to rip off anyones idea’s but notessimo should have A “comment question of the day…” For example: What looks good in black? (so comment on my songs and I’ll put the question in my discription) MESSAGE ME!!!

I don’t understand, you say a question, and we answer it by commenting on your songs?

Not to be a buzz kill, but im pretty sure its “Comic” question…

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I bet you that man… gets all the hot girls. =3

Yes to @Nuseline Exactly. @Hellstick Sorry… but it is comment question Cuz’ In Ray William Johnson’s Episodes it’s “Comment” (not to be a “Buzz kill…” or anything…)

Well ok. If you want to start it you can!

I have started it! It’s in most of my songs like Techno Bowser and 149 Bars Of Fate ^u^

Pretty sure its “comic” though:/
I get no hits on youtube when i search for “comment question” but i get alot when i search for “comic”… Oh wells, it eally doesnt matter i was just being nit picking i guess… sorry:(
Oh wellz, wouldnt it be easier to just post in this thread? I mean, if this is supposed to only take place in the comments of your songs i dont think it will get as much attention:S

I think he means this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=_kSwHrjv0_Q#t=185s

I agree, it would be easier to do it in this thread.

I know, and im still pretty sure he says “comic”

Not To wreck anyones feelings but I just wanna make song that you guys answer…

BTW: Hellstick I’m not allowed to have an account but if I did I’d Subscribe ^u^

I Has a Nyan ^_^

‘It was Originally Raywilliamjohnsons idea Cause’ He says…

"Every one says the COMIC Question. just for you guys to know its the COMMENT Question of the day And It’s Definetly Not CONDOM question of the day ^_^"

Concider me proven wrong:P
But only to all other in this thread then the first post. That beard is pretty goddamn solid evidence no matter how you twist or turn it…

Im not quite sure what you meant with this thoughXD
Subscribe to me or to RWJ?

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I just want to say, happy 100th post Hellstick!

Subscribe to you Hellstick ^_^ happy 100th post! As well so bottom line… I make songs…I put the question in the discription (I think I spelled that wrong) you guys answer them that’s pretty much it… =S

You can do that to your own songs, Aliensexist. I don’t think a thread is necessary.