What I've Done by Linkin Park in V3 beta (WORK IN PROGRESS) by Jordan555/Linkin Park

Here you go, the first ever What I’ve Done in V3. Credit to JMan1293 and Ace1257(where is he?)

I need honest opinions about what guitar and bass I should use!

Rock on and enjoy (cguitar) (cguitar)

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Hmm, there’s wrong with the guitar sound (you can hear the sliding, and it’s grating), and the drums at the beginning are too tom heavy, where it should have more high-hat/kick/snare.

That being said, I really hope this doesn’t turn into another never-ending saga of covers of the same song but with 10 seconds added to each, like Sweet Home Alabama was. That was borderline spam, and it was obnoxious. I personally won’t be listening to another “What I’ve Done” from you until you’ve finished the song. If you have trouble with the sound of the song again, figure it out yourself. That’s what makes this cover yours.

On a final note, Ace1257 is now Antonim, if memory serves.

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What do you mean 10 seconds added to each?
No one even makes What I’ve Done anymore, not even since the first one I did. I don’t post spam and I don’t support it anyways…I don’t plan on finishing it anyway. I clearly don’t see any evidence Sweet Home Alabama was spam. This was actually the first What I’ve Done in true V3, if no-one has ever done it before.
And how do I fix the sound of the guitars? Is it the fret noise I use for the DJ scratch? There is actually a Dj scratch sound in the real song.
I almost forgot it was Antonim.

http://remixpacks.ru/load/0-0-1-803-20 here are the stems

Thanks Aliens it’s really going to help me out

Thanks Aliens it’s really going to help me out

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