What I've Done by Linkin Park {UNFINISHED} by Linkin Park / TV / Hellion


Thanks Hellion for the drums! But i still need more Ideas,Criticism & TIPS to fullfill my cover!

Original: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=8sgycukafqQ

This is not a collab!

Can you for god’s sakes take a break from the metal guitars


Ya, I would have to agree with Hellion!

Here’s a tip, use the quote button next time when you’re talking about a comment. For example…

Agreed, because there are more guitars in the string section, if you haven’t noticed.

Here’s a tip, use the edit button, i’ll fix it this time though.

I really want to delete the first comment, because I had some trouble with the double quoting. Oh and Verbist, there’s supposed to be a bass drum with the open hi hat on Sheet 0.