What I've Done (V2 2015) V3 Legacy Remastered

6 years later, the V2 cover everyone loved the most has been remastered by me in V3 Legacy.
It is now close to the original.
Some instruments and durations have been changed and tweaked.
I have also uploaded this to YouTube.

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A lot of the parts are incorrect sounding and some of the notes are incorrectly notated such as the D sharp in the keyboard part which should be an E flat.

Tell me what sheets need to be fixed and I will fix it today. Also D sharp and E flat are the same key on a keyboard.

The vocals are wrong in the chorus.
D sharp and E flat are indeed the same key on a keyboard, but they are not the same in the context of a song. G minor uses E flat not D sharp. Practice good notation habits and your music will be easier to read for both yourself the composer and others, the musicians performing your music.

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I’ve always thought the vocals were that way until I looked back at JMan1293’s old cover. The chorus parts were a copy of only one chorus sheet repeated twice to cut down on the time it took me to make this back in 2015. I definitely will change that and make new sheets for the chorus parts. I also will fix the keyboards too. Thanks for the advice

My last ever(I promise!) What I’ve Done cover will be produced start from scratch in V3 Standard, ETA end of January. so stay tuned for that. I promise it’s going to be a great sounding version.
Sweet Home Alabama on V3 Standard will be next as soon as I finish putting together the V3 Standard version of What I’ve Done. Then I will try spending the rest of this summer working on New Divide and Free Bird. I hope that by the end of the year or sooner they should be ready for upload and listening to.

Also all 4 songs I will be working on this year will have LYRICS! I heard of this being a new feature in V3 but I haven’t gotten around to doing that due to not knowing how to utilize them yet.

A final update to this version is up for listening.