what type of drum beat is this? by ggfchl


Hiphop-folk-drum n samba-step-style…

Honestly though i have no idea:P

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Whatever it is, it’s awesome

Is it Bossa-Nova? Idk

Cymbal #1 - Rockish??
Snare Drum #3 - Classical??
Bass Drum #5 & Hi Hat #3 - Waltz??
Waltzing Classical Rock. That’s it. :D

It’s an Intro beat.

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If there were one cymbal every two beats and it were a bit slower, it’d be perfect for plaza/shopping mall/elevator music.

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It’s Bosa Nova. Bassa, Bossa, Basa, Nova however you spell it. We did that drum rhythm in Jazz Band for our warm up.

The good type