What would you like to see in V4?

Currently in development. Any new features or instruments? Let me know! Cheers!

Would love to be able to post songs.

That will be part of an expansion pack for $35.99


Slurs and ties

Ties are unnecessary due to variable note length, but changing the pitch of a note across its duration would be huge. I’d suggest something similar to this interface. imgur.com/a/jzXoJzn

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Advanced notations and markings, would love to be able to change time signature, key changes and bpm as well whenever i want. Also volume markings cuz changing volume level manually is a pain the ass and annoying when you have to do it repetitively.

Most of this stuff has been implemented in v3 btw

I would love a way to easily create video files of songs. Maybe as a separate tool? The dream situation is the song file format is open, so tools can be written to create files for video editing or other custom creations. I would love to see falling instruments in Blender/Unity haha

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I believe an appreciated QoL feature would be a bleedthrough between sheets. Although you can work around this in V3 and technically V2. Effectively being able to mark the structural end of the sheet, while still allowing any existing sounds to extend past that end.

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Light theme

The “Brushes” tab should be worked into the main editor instead of a separate thing. I think an easier way to implement this would be to select a bunch of notes already on the staff, then group them together as one unit. From there, you can edit the “brush” (or “group” or however you want to call it) as if it were a single note.

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We need a tab in the instrument panel which has all the instruments you have used in the song so far. I think it would save time going through the list to find the instruments.


Remove auto-panning. Panning should be neutral, so the user can decide on how they want to pan the instruments.
For instruments that change panning based on pitch(piano, choir, strings); have a separate non-panned version.

I personally enjoyed the instrument navigation on V2 over V3. Horizontal definitely worked better in my opinion, but also starting with every folder closed would be helpful.

For hotkey related issues.
The [ . ] key should add a dot to the note, and if free [ , ] to remove a dot. However I would prefer [ . ] adding or removing compared to not having a hotkey for this and only needing to devote one key.
[ - ] and [ = ] keys could be used by increasing and decreasing note length by the next interval.
A tuplet button would be appreciated as well. By selecting the tuplet, you can choose any supported intervals, at least 3,5,7. While more could be useful I feel each new prime tuplet is significantly less used. Could support user input but is it needed? We could also forgo this by allowing fractional input into the custom note length and letting the magnet lock onto the appropriate interval.

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Attack, Decay, Sustain, and Release settings
Grid settings for sheets at tempos other than 128
Vibrato/other effects that aren’t integrated into the samples themselves
Pulse-width modulation for square waves

A recent save files section on the opening screen
a switching time signature option (every measure switches between 4/4 and 3/4, for example)
Pre-made drum beats (rock, reggae, jazz, etc.)
paste item [ ] times
paste item to sheet [ ] measure [ ] layer [ ]

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sorry for the double post but I had another idea.
overall tempo and volume increase/decrease.
in the song tab, you can highlight over a section of the song and you can put either an increase or decrease of tempo or volume, so that you don’t have to create new sheets just to do so. These can be gradual (crescendo, decrescendo, accelerando, ritardando, etc.) or immediate.


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A more convenient way to load songs that have been posted on the website into the editor would be nice.

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