What's your favorite 'lesser known' song on Notessimo?

I always feel like if you dig through some old songs you get some really interesting and cool songs, often times with less than 100 listens.

Anyone else have a favorite? If not, go find one! It’ll mean a lot to the creator, if they’re still around.

What are some of your favorites, V?

This one is by Bron Skien, a moderator who no longer comes here. I love how minimal it is.

I like the Super Mario theme by Starburst.

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I like this one it’s a bit repetitive on some parts but it’s still a pretty awesome song.

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Also, ant, you should know that Aliens is really annoying in threads like this and he likes to be a dick so yeah

What who said that???

I’m not a dick in threads, Apocoloptogon…

Celestial Azure (WIP) - Songs - Notessimo This is pretty zazzy.

“Lesser Known”

Hey, only 79 listens.

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Stray Cat Strut by AddyIcedTea?

Yeah that song is like, so freaking hipster that it only has 1,358+ listens, 14 ratings, and 12 likes.

Ace’s homestuck covers.

Madness cover by Leifeday?

(I think that is how you spell it!)