What's your Major?

What are you studying in college or university?
What are you thinking of pursuing as a career?
Current jobs?
Stories from work?

I have a Psychology test next Friday… Friday the 13th…

I’m thinking either
-Music composition
-Church Music director
-fluent Spanish speaking

an update to this… A music major is not in the works anymore since I had to drop theory 3 and the next time it’s offered is next fall. RIP to me.
However, I thought it would be cool to work for the National Park Service or be a park ranger of some sort. YEAH!
But yeah. My current job is a cashier at a grocery store.

tl;dr i dropped out of college
i dont know if this forum has spoiler tags but heres long version:

i had been studying graphic design/animation in 2010 but this was when the program was super new to the university and the teachers had no idea wtf they were talking about, they made me buy the 3dsmax bible and do tutorials out of it and i didnt learn anything, i got injured and had to quit for a while due to that and the stress it caused. i went back in 2012 but sucked at it, then went back again in 2015 to try and study something entirely new but i had nervous/psychotic breakdowns in the middle of class multiple times and shit the bed gradewise.

got lured into a drawing class by some teacher who wanted to play best friends with me and had been doing so since like 2006. nice enough guy but he misunderstood me and my motivations really frequently. got roped back into the graphic design/animation program and it was super apparent that they actually learned wtf they were trying to teach by this point but then mr. friend guy passed away and both of my grandparents did at the same time. i only had to go to two of those funerals obviously but one of em i had to watch die in a hospital bed so that kinda sucked.

he was my case manager or whatever the fuck they called it so they transferred me to another lady, who seemed really nice and helped a lot, but then she had to quit because she got breast cancer, so they transferred me to someone else who straight up deadass absolutely refused to cooperate with my special ed adjustments in his program, not only that but basically handed us tutorials and fucked off to let us sit and spin with em. ive always been kind of open about my mental issues but one day he like, tattled on me to the PR guy or something?? and i ended up getting pulled out of class and locked in the office with him and the special needs advocate who proceeded to crowd me and threaten me with forced institutionalization

thats when i decided i had enough college lol. its not for people like me.

dang. I had thoughts of dropping out of college and just working at the grocery store my whole life, just like one of my co-workers. I mean, this is my first time in college and I’m a second year student… but making $9 an hour working almost full time (just under 40 hours) is $16848 more or less per year and that still probably be enough. Well…

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honestly its important to weigh your options and be sure whether or not you can succeed in college

i can’t really work right now either considering all my shit is going untreated so i’m surviving on ssdi payments. having a steady job in a field you enjoy is the dream but a lot of people place a lot of importance on education and if you think you’re up for it then it’s worth trying at least.

the ideal is to not end up like me lol