Where is everybody?

Its like i’m Lonely!

well… there are over 7 billion people on earth spread across 7 continents (which is including antarctica). Asia is the most populated.
Hypo is dead
Tsukasa quit
Nuse vanished
Starburst is away from home
Ali=3ns is still in Australia
The boogie man is under your bed
John cena is behind you but you can’t see him
Donald Trump is at Mar a Lago playing golf
David Bowie is dead
they’ll congregate back when the uploader is back


What about Antonim & Zildex?

No one asked for me :frowning:

How are you doing Ferguson-chan?

I’m doing a Cover, as usual

whats up my dudes george van liew here hows it been

I think the real reason why gcvl was gone for a while because he was re-painting the ceiling of the sistine chapel


yessir you’re dangright!

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I wonder if Hypo really did die.

I wonder if someone like Hypo could really die.

If not he’s probably drunk almost all the time


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this works. cool. yayayayayaya

I’m right here

i never left

sorry mods ;3c