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Hey everyone, been a while since I’ve logged in or posted. How’s everything been going around here or in your lives? It’s crazy that I can come back here and look at stuff I was creating when I was 12 and in middle school. Grateful that this community seems to still be around, and that Starburst is still putting in hella work. V4??? Damn son.

Myself I’ve been studying forestry, gonna be graduating this Spring finally. I’ve hopped around different things, starting with music for a while, then CS, and now I’m here lol. I know I’ve said this before, but I’d like to try to make a thing or two using Notessimo again, hopefully I’ll hold myself to that :slight_smile:

Good to check in with y’all!


Welcome back! The forum isn’t too active, but once in awhile a topic sparks some discussion in the Discord, haha.

For myself, I recently moved departments where I work for something more physically demanding but I enjoy it a lot more. I need to fix my diet for all the extra work I’m doing :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope you get somewhere you enjoy! Cool to see ya again


Welcome back to Notessimo!

Right now the community is hardly active. Every now and then you might get a new song. People don’t comment on songs anymore, so you won’t get the in depth discussion and feedback like back then.

V4 is currently weaker than V3. V4 does has a great selection of instruments and sounds, but, it’s missing a lot of the essential features of V3 that made it so much better than V2. V4 has incredible potential though, once V4 is finished it will be so much better than V3. The amount of functionality it will bring will be even better than what V3 gave us compared to V2.

Hopefully when Starburst finishes V4 and starts promoting Notessimo we can get new users, more activity, and more inspiration in the community. Bring back the golden V2 days.

It’s cool to see an old user back in the community. Good luck on the rest of your studies and good luck on any Notessimo music you work on.


Ohhh send the discord link!

I figured it’d be pretty empty tbh, highkey forgot to check this for a month haha

Discord link - Notessimo

The link is also on the main site in the menu.


Ay yo.

bruh everyone getting revived in this thread where’s Hypo at