Why do people like the old player so much?

As the title says, I’ve been wondering why people like the old Notessimo player so much. Afterall, it was just the standard interface (the only difference being the song itself). Aliens recently posted a song that said USE OLD PLAYER in giant blue letters, for example. I visited another song today by somebody whose name I cannot recall which also said to use the old player. Am I missing something here?

I was also wondering why bother to make it so that songs cannot be edited if you can just “use old player” and save or remix to your heart’s content.

People compose in the standard interface. It’s where they tinker and get things just right. All of that tinkering is preserved in the old player. The new player, on the other hand, is unpredictable; no one can know beforehand how their music will sound in it. There are also some sure problems with the new player, as compiled here.

If we were able to compose in the new player, we would be seeing more “USE NEW PLAYER” prefaces.

And the best answer award goes to Ant!

Oh, well then I need to edit my song I just posted! It uses Open Hi Hat #2… extensively :stuck_out_tongue:

This is a late reply but I’d like to add that the songs are not made “uneditable” by the new player. Anyone can load up the old player and save the file or, better yet, copy the file below the song (usually ending in a .note format) and just load that onto the player using the drop-down menu (File → Open Link). I’m fairly confident this will not be changing in the new player and it can lead to a lot of creativity, downloading and remixing another’s song is a lot easier to do when you have the actual file on hand, and while permission should be asked of the original user before tampering is done, it must be said that the original will always exist and cannot be edited by normal users, other than the uploader himself. Therefore remixing is perfectly fine in my opinion. As long as credit is given.

Now if your assertion is that the new player somehow makes the songs uneditable (for the argument’s’s sake, let’s pretend that you aren’t able to access the file or old player version of the song), I personally feel this would be a step backwards. However it does lead to a more secure system of uploading (i.e. you can’t just steal a song and re-post it, therefore both moderating will be made easier and less memory space will be taken up). And it also leads to a forced honor-system, you have to ask the song-writer for the file so you can remix it. However, the song will always be downloadable, so it just takes some creativity and a good sampler to make a remix without permission.

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