Will you press the button?

Just like the website http://willyoupressthebutton.com/
You post a positive statement followed by another statement that is negative or counterreacts the first statement
For example
You win the 100,000 dollar lottery BUT your rent and bills are due the next day.
You’d respond “Yes I will” or “no I won’t” followed by an explanation.
I’ll start

You get unlimited data on your phone but the battery drains empty after three hours of regular use.

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Lol that’s what I already have, so I guess I’d press that button. Besides I can purchase battery packs to extend battery life beyond what the internal battery is capable of.

Btw as I was coming up with mine, one of the ones I thought of came up on the site (you can cure cancer but you will be the last person to die from it)

You can go to another fantasy world of your choosing, however you will have nothing, no friends, family or material wealth and you won’t be able to return to them.