WTF? Blank Page

Sorry, I don’t know how to say wha’ts happened (in english)
But the page turn (i don’t know how) absolutely white

When I was (finally) making a new arr, I’ve clicked in “duplicate sheet” and then the page turn like this

May this be a Flash problem?
I need help for further :S

Maybe if you reload/refresh the page? Sorry I think you might have lost your work. : (

It is a flash problem, and you would need to refresh. D:

OH… damn… I’ve just finished Simian Segue (from DK Country) :_


sees that blank page on the screen :headexplode: damn, i was just ready with my collab with IdeaSam and its gone in coulishes :mad: :headexplode 2: now i need to try again at the beginning, oh the indignity! It even can happen to me too :angry:

[ Sorry guys…

There really isn’t anything else to say here that’s on topic, so I’m locking this thread.