Does anybody have XBOX Live? If so, put in ur gamertag, mines Holepairs.

Mine is Chemi Mode

Well, I have XBOX, but no Live. Don’t dare to use it. Ah well.



No i am not 42, my dad made the account

if i did have xbox live my name is Caboose. i got it off of redvsblue

no it wouldn’t be caboose dude… sry but that name is most probably taken

Do any of you know how I could possibly talk my dad into letting me get it?

Gamertag: SoulKrusher72
It’s shared so if the person playing doesn’t know you then it’s probably my bro or something.
Gamerscore: 2900-3000

Mine’s P018 (that’s a zero, not an O)

I have a 360, but no Live

Same here. My dad won’t let me get it.

same here. My dad says we don’t need it

Do we have the same dad?!?

not unless where brothers

I don’t think that’s the case…well…I do have a brother…

gamers tag: Temptdlight
i would change it to TheCarltonCrew but i don’t have and Microsoft points

I don’t think that’s the case either. I have 3 brothers…

Mine is JSC1293

You finally got it, Jan!
I don’t care if have have Live or not, because I never play Xbox. I’m too busy doing other things.