Yamaha PSS-290 Galaxy Test by T.Verbist

This is an attempt of the Galaxy on the Yamaha PSS-290. Frankly i got just bored so i made this.

Give a tip if you know a better attempt for the Yamaha Galaxy Effect. (Should be from the PSS-26,PSS-280,PSS-290,PSS-380 or PSS-390.)

The picture as background is me playing the Yamaha PSS-290 using the Galaxy sound i tried to simulate.

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Timothy, you’re very knowledgeable with keyboards! Good for you!

I have a Casio CTK-2080. Have you ever heard of/used one of those? They’re very nice.

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The only thing missing from that sentence was Sonfax’s “Mr Krabs” picture.

CTK-551 here

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I have a PSR-170 I got in a yard sale, & a Portasound PSS-460 my dad got in the 80’s.

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I have a keyboard.


i think i have a casio something
idk i can’t remember
the key’s light up when u play them thoe

Maybe it’s 1 from the LK-Series.

Sure, i saw a Casio CTK-1150 in the Supra Bazar, it looks familiar to your Casio CTK-2080.

Maybe a Casio LK-100 or a Casio LK-110? Those are nice keyboards.

Your keyboard is awesome! My Casios are: CTK-451,MA-201,SA-1,SA76,PT20 & SK5.

I also have a CTK-2080

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