Yellowtail J44 has left notessimo.

Hey guys, Paratominium here.

If you don’t remember me, I’m an notessimo commentator, artist, and an youtuber, since as of 2016, Yellowtail J44 is been dormant since years. If you don’t know him, He is a notessimo user on notessimo. He is also a master of the reverb.

His first upload is on 2/26/2012

He’s making his own songs and making them good but abruptly stopped on 8/15/2013.
I don’t know what happened to him that he stopped making music. I don’t know he died or anything but, he’s been dormant as of 2016.
He was never coming back.


My review of YellowTailJ44’s music:


His music was good but, he needs to add something particular…

He’s not dead, he just left:

Fuck. Your right… Maybe he just left because he was tired of bullshit that he was writing on here…

That’s true…

Perhaps you should change the title of the thread to avoid confusion.


Can’t, there’s no thread setting button…
Starburst had forgotten to add the setting button to change title.

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This should help. Thanks!

Wow, that’s sad to hear. God rest his dormant account.