Yo guys!

Hey guys,It’s me Lolias. SO i wanted to say hi to the forums. Hi everybody. I’m new here. Hope to make friends instead of enemies.

we’re almost dead welcome

We’re basically dead, we’re just waiting for V3.


this is aliens, the local clown. he clowns for a living.

This place could use a little fun.

i’ll show you a little really big fun


OMFG its 2 am i laughed at that achraofgereh

Lol you guys just pumped the topic with the clow thing,but still you need to PARTY HARD!

if you came here earlier, you could have been part of a war between burnt toast and the apocoloptocopters. we need to start something like this again.

This place doesn’t need anymore conflict.

i’lll show you how to party hard

I don’t know why this topic dosen’t goes to Graveyard.

in the graveyard, you are unable to post in those topics anymore. why do u want your new topic there?

Oh well,Let my topic live! XD

this is the most activity we’ve gotten for a month

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this is the most month we’ve gotten for a activity


shit dude that made me rethink my existance

XD Your activity for a month is watching my topic lol?