YouTube Copyright Infringement

Okay, here is something I wasn’t expecting to see. I was just checking my email when I came across this message from YT:

This happened to me, could it happen to you? Also, what should I do about this? Should I just let it be?

Hmm…something fishy (besides fishrocker). I checked the US Copyright Act of 1976 and found that there is no section 512. It only goes up to section 511 in the fifth chapter.

Here is something I did find in section 506(c):

Should I be concerned about this.

Okay, I decided to check YouTube’s Terms of Use.

Sounds and music. Does this mean that by uploading a video with the sound of Wake Me Up… I was violating the Terms of Use?

Your supposed to say I dont own the song, I just recreated it blablabla. But that is wierd, Warner and Green Day team up to TAKE OVER THE WORLD WITH ROCKING ANIMANIACS!!!

you callin’ me fishy? swims away in the Atlantic Ocean

ok i found the artical that they pulled out
you were looking at the old Act
here is the link to the new Act
check the bottom of page 12 and you will find Section 512(f)

Oh. That makes more since. Thanks, CC.

well then they should take all the songs made on notessimo and rid them because well we recreated them without owners consent and well that spells it out for you.

i dont know why they would only target you in this matter look at all the other vids not by green day but have there songs in it its not right just to target one person when thousands are doing it as well.

I think that there is “creative license” or whatever it is called

That’s the problem with covering popular music. Try some video game themes, apparantely Uematsu and Shimomura’s people don’t give a shit about copyright infringement.

OMG it’s Hypo!!!

I just didn’t think they would target me when there are so many other videos out there that use the actual song.