Youtube secret (not really)

If you see this

(Add &fmt=18 for higher quality)
And you want your video to be in higher quality,
Copy and paste it into your browser with your video to make them Higher quality.
Pretty simple.


[ ... annel_page](

This is without Higher quality ( If it says HQ under the video, I successfuly made my vid higher quality)

[ ... age&fmt=18](

With higher quality.

Or you could just click on the HQ button…

Also, I’m pretty sure the christians wouldn’t be too happy with that guy killing jebus.

Well when i first uploaded my vids to youtube,
It didn’t have the “HQ” button there.
Therefore i just used the text and now it has the “HQ” button.

[ ... annel_page](

For example, i just uploaded this video. It doesn’t have the HQ button