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Anyone here have xbox live?

Hell, does anyone here even HAVE a 360? The greatest machine ever made???

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Sandalman3000- Sandalman2007

No and yes. I have XBOX 360. I have no Live.

How is that even possible?!?!

You’re on the internet now right?

Yes. But I don’t have any knid of Xbox LIVE.
I want it so I can play against people on Halo 3 and Guitar Hero 5 which is way better than the 4th.

So you have an internet connection but you can’t get xbox live? At least get silver live… it’s free

Yeah but I won’t Gold. I’m just not gettng any money yet because I don’t have a job or an allowance.

I hava a xbox live…

Wait, what?! Really?!! Holy shit, thank you!!!

I think it comes with a free 3 months of gold too

I have a X-Box 360 and Live.

I got 360 and Live,


In 3 days (November 10, 2009) My social life is over.

Why, where are you going?

Modern Warfare 2? If so, mine too lmao

Oh Yeah! I hope we can pre-order it in time

Im saving up for an xbox360, please donate to this link

nice DarkDan, as much as I knew something like that would happen, it was hilarious

Oh…and PS3’s better

Amen. I finally got paid today, so I’m getting MW2 as soon as I find it in a store.

No it’s not! go llok up the spec difference between the 2… in fact heres a list


The 360 has double of ps3 for video ram and system Ram.