10 Truths About Yourself

Don’t post anything too personal that will attract the loonies of the internet and endanger your well-being.

  1. I’m 15 years old, and a freshman in High School.
  2. I listen to old music, not this new pop stuff. Stuff from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s.
  3. My favorite band is Queen, followed by Pink Floyd.
  4. I am usually pretty outgoing on Notessimo and other forums, and i’m open to talk to people.
  5. I talk about Queen and my group a lot, and people annoy me about how often I talk about it.
  6. I have a problem that I want to talk to somebody about, but i’m not going to.
  7. I am very thankful for this community, even though it seems I can’t make good music.
  8. I got a bass guitar for Christmas, and I learned all of Side Two of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon (excluding Any Colour You Like, which I will work on later).
  9. I’m trying to get myself a 1967 Mustang as my first car. Yes I know what i’m doing.
  10. Sometimes when people tell me what to do, I do something else because I hate being ordered around. This never happens on the internet, really. I just wanted something to put as #10. c:
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  1. Yourself is a man from india.
  2. Yourself invented a machine, named the Yourself Whirrlycopter.
  3. His full name is Mohhamed Yourself.
  4. He is arabiac, even though he was born in India.
  5. he moved to Wisconsin at the age of 8.
  6. Yourself does not have any friends.
  7. Yourself derseves a medal.
  8. Yourself can fly.
  9. Yourself does things.
  10. Yourself ran out of facts about himself.


The topic was called ten truths about “Yourself”. He took it to mean some person with the last name “Yourself”. I hate it when people do that.

  1. The Earth has gone around the sun over fifteen and a half times during my lifetime so far.
    2 My favorite color is orange.
    3 I am a senior in highschool.
    4 I am a furry.
    5 I am a brony.
    6 I like nearly all types of music.
    7 My favorite number is 3
    8 I like chocolate
    9 I’m hungry right now
    10 I use Notessimo to help with AP Music Theory assignments sometimes C:

Yes I use Notessimo to help with History assignments!

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challenge accepted

  1. I am 17 years old
  2. I am a Junior at a Highschool
  3. I am allergic to pollen (minimal reactions, like after being exposed directly for like 1 hour I might get the sniffles :P )
  4. I am allergic to grasses (like weeds, not your everyday grass xD… also minimal reactions :P )
  5. I like the number 5
  6. I also like the number 6
  7. I also like… a lot of numbers
  8. I like waffles
  9. I love notessimo. No really, I really do! I love that website! I’m going to marry it when I get older! … Not really :P
  10. I am writing this post using Chrome, on a Mac OS X version 10.6.8 with a 2.13 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor.

When I eat grass I feel queasy too.

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  1. I get less than five minutes of sunlight on a normal basis
  2. I have glasses
  3. I always laugh whenever someone (or something) is trying to be dead serious
  4. My jaw almost always has a sharp pain when chewing anything on my left side of my mouth
  5. I am extremely pale
  6. I program on a daily basis for most of the day
  7. I used my real name as my username because someone (most likely me actually) already took my default username
  8. I never hold the door for anyone, unless I know them as a friend (don’t know why)
  9. I tend to be very cynical
  10. I am 13 years old

This challenge has been completed!

11.) Awrf Arf Bark Warf Woof Wrawr Rawr Rawrf

Everyone holds out the door for people where I live!

You must be pretty good!

Yay someone finally understands me! (lol)

1.) I created my original username “Octoviator” by combining two things I loved at the time: Aviation and Octogons.
2.) My favorite food is salmon, at least the way my mom cooks them.
3.) I play percussion for band and made it into honor band for Las Vegas. I also play bassoon.
4.) I wear contacts, used to wear glasses.
5.) Meerkats are fucking adorable.
6.) My right foot has a large scar on it because I accidentally slipped in shower into some metal thing.
7.) I am in 8th grade magnet school, which just means being a year ahead in math.
8.) I am Fillipino-Irish.
9.) My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Drake & Josh are my most favorite shows.
10.) My personality in real life used to be based off people from Notessimo.

Wait, what?

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I thought you loved octopuses and deviators.

You also play triangle?

For example, alot of my jokes back then IRL involved puns or dry humor which was completely inspired by Muse.

Funny enough I’ve never played a triangle. I mainly play the snare drum, timpini, and mallet percussion.

  1. Ponies, ponies, ponies.
  2. I wish all ten facts could be something pertaining to ponies.
  3. I wish I could be a pony.
  4. I used to be an adventurer like you.
  5. I can’t stand pop culture, so I came to the internet.
  6. I can’t stand the internet.
  7. Did I really go three facts without mentioning ponies?
  8. Luna is sexy.
  9. I REALLY wish I could be a pony.
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Lookin’ good Star, lookin’ reaaaal good…


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Sure, why the hell not…

1- I am Hellstick. I am awesome.
2- My username origins from a webcomic i had back in the days about stick figures beating each other to death in grousome ways.
3- I dont hate any genres of music - i just prefare electronic music.
4- Just because i dont hate any genres doesnt mean i dont hate any bands.
5- I am Hellstick. I am awesome.
6- I like to draw.
7- I work at a school in a library sort of.
8- My dream is to become a 3D animator.
9- I am Hellstick. I am awesome.
10- You just lost the game.