A Very Notessimo Christmas

So in this thread, we will be writing a christmas story about anything you want it to be! Don’t make new line entries too random to the story. You also may not post more than one line at a time and a line must not be more than one sentence long. Anyway, have fun!
Once the story is ended, I will illustrate it in mspaint, narrate it, and upload it to YouTube, similar to this
I’ll start, I’ll leave it up to the next person to give the character a name.

be real negus

Once upon a time, there was a young boy.

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This young man goes by the name “Bobby Whitzheimer the Based Mixtape God”, but most people just call him “Bob”.


Then Bob died from deadly cancer.

​Not funny. -Tsukasa

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I found it funny
my brother had brain cancer so let me laugh about it you prick

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I guess I’ll start a new one…

Once upon a time, there was a musically-challenged boy named BEN.

Ben likes.

Ben tried to learn music from his good friend, NICK

But Nick was just his imaginary friend. Too bad.


Ben woke up. It had all been a dream!

The end.

Start over.

Once upon a time, there was a man named Cantend. Cantend could not end stories, and this curse could never be overturned.


However, someone named Blargzargo came in to aid him. Blargzargo, seeing that Cantend couldn’t end the story, decided he would end the story for him.

The End

Start over.

Twice upon a time, there was a guy named Jim.
Jim was slim and loved to swim.


Jim fell in love with the sound of water, and had recorded a months worth of water sounds, so he could listen to it when he wasn’t swimming.

He decided to try to legally marry and ocean, and to his dismay it was simmering.

The fact that he could marry an ocean made his eyes watery. However, everyone started to bully him so bad that he wanted to hurt someone. Deep down though, he knew he was too pacific to harm anyone.

(Heh, you sea what I did there?)

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Jim decided to cheer up, by going to Sea World, and having a whale of a good time.

It was there that he first heard the term “freaky fish-guy.”

And then they made a billion dollars.

from a rather traumatic event which put Jim in a situation where…

he was put in a coma for 15 years until he finally woke up December 1st 20XX