Acoustic Songs

Can you do anything with only an acoustic guitar? You can do lots of things. See what you can do with only the sound of the acoustics and a bass.
We allow the Palm Muted, the Acoustic, and the 2 wooden bases as well as the sitar if you can.

Country (No offense but it’s my least favourite kind of music.)
Foreign (Cultural)

oh yes! My thing i was copying for rockband…

That was nice DJ, but it didn’t really sound right to me. So I fixed it up a bit and added a 4th measure for ya

yeah it did sound like a load of crap. I copied it off sheet music too,

ps: Who the hell are the eagles? lol!

It’s really sad if you’ve never heard of the Eagles. Am I also to assume that you’ve never heard of Styx, Led Zeppelin, or Queen?

That IS sad… I wonder if he hasn’t even heard of AC/DC, KISS or Journey.

Of the lists you guys made, I’ve never heard of Styx.

Same… Also I made a almost flawless intro but I lost it in the ocean.

Cross-post from the solo thread.

could it be because i’m in england? I’ve got no news about them. And Everyones heard of Queen, it’s legendary!

Who hasn’t?

I just noticed that you mis-spelt ‘acoustic’ in the title lol

Congrats Kd. You’ve beaten DJ again lol

Haha. Yeah, I guess you could say that… I noticed a spelling error before he did.

that makes 5 times…

Kittys back!

I think kitties are taking over our avatars

after looking closely, I think my avatar has an identical twin. DarkDan12’s avatar. His avatar is not screaming, more like the complete opposite

i am calm kitty, you are kitty on some kind of something.

no… my kitty is not on something. something is on him. on his tail. the pain is unbearable, and all we can do is watch as he screams silently, like he is a picture or something