All things Disney!

Okay, so I’ve been thinking a bit about all the classic Disney movies we say as kids, as well as the newer ones that came out. As such, I have a few questions for you all:

  1. Who is your favorite protagonist?
  2. Least favorite protagonist?
  3. Favorite villain?
  4. Least favorite villain?
  5. Favorite Disney movie?
  6. Least favorite Disney movie?
  7. The one Disney movie that gave you nightmares (If applicable)
  8. Most horrifying death in a Disney movie?
  9. Favorite princess? (Come on, it’s Disney! Every movie of theirs has one!)
    10: Who would you ship from any of the movies?
    11: Who would you like to see battle it out to the death?
    12: What two people would you like to see work together, and how would the plot work out?
    13: Favorite ending?
    14: Least favorite ending?

*Note: For all questions, a brief explanation of why would be nice. And by Disney movie, I mean like Snow White. None of the Disney-Pixar movies. Those are different.

The Lion King. 'Nuff said.
2. Beauty(from Band the Beast)
4. Scar
4. The Lion King
6…IDK? cinderella?
8. i don’t know much. The lion in the Lion King.
9. uh… Sleeping Beauty
10.The Crab dude.
11. Grumpy vs. Happy (two of the seven dwarves)

the most badass disney princess

As much as I wanna agree with that, she’s TECHNICALLY a President, so…sorry. That title goes to Rapunzel. Tangled IS a pure Disney movie, right? Oh, and I can’t believe people ACTUALLY responded to this!

She’s technically a princess. She originally was “princess” of Sugar Rush, but due to her new attitude, she proclaims herself to be a president instead, because it was too girly for her.