Ask TFB To Criticize

Ask TheFinalBoss, Notessimo’s hardest critic, to criticize a/your song.

TFB, criticize this:

I was thinking that TFB himself should make this thread, so you can ask him directly.

lol too late now.

Tfb, criticise this topic.


TFB, please criticize my new song.

Tfb, criticise YouTube and G+

To say nothing
is what a potato does.

Apparently they want me to criticize things, Bob.

Perhaps you should, then, Jim.

I do love a good argument.

Jim these aren’t arguments, these are criticisms.

Don’t Criticize me, Bob.

Don’t tell me what to do!



they both leave to go someplace


The intro effects are iffy. I can see what you try to do but it really doesn’t come out well.
I believe the tempo is too slow.
There’s an interesting amount of bad instrument/volume choices - the violins are much too loud and truthfully should be Strings #2 not whatever you used. Those high organs are easily too loud.
When the drums come in, there is NOT ENOUGH BASS. Turn dat shit up.

Well I guess - typically I’m too “modest” (Ha I used the word modest to describe myself) to make one of these threads. I think this’ll end up being brushed aside.

“my new song” Lemme just search that up in the search bar. “My New Song by Timothy Verbist”

What’s Google+? -Youtube community

Well, since TFB has noticed this thread, I guess I shall request just one song (which is unfinished : P)

Was good until the “Prepare” part. Metal guitars were really awkward compared to the really good “Awake” part. I mean, the “Prepare” part was okay, but truthfully it just seemed empty. It needed more bass, which the first part had a lot of.

Huh. I like this thread. Good to know the torch has been passed on to another. I wish I could critique things like I used to, I just don’t have the time anymore.

If it’s worth your time, I’d like a little bit of criticism on my most recent song:

Harmony lines felt too quiet all the way through. Techno Bass + Nice combo needs to be a lot louder and that bass drum is quite loud while comparing.
Feels really balanced overall, but I think certain effects need to be a little louder. Ex: the phrase endings–like the Nice roll.
I think mainly the highest voices really seem to overpower, which isn’t a problem conventionally, but it’s still a lingering issue when everything is unnoticeable compared to the main line.
Besides minor balancing issues, the piece itself seems to exemplify as a nostalgic piece of art.
…well, not nostalgic for me. Sadly, I have yet to touch a zelda game.
Still, it is very well-crafted. 4.75/5

I have one last song request for you to criticize for me (until my next finished song, which will probably be in like 1,000 years), which is actually finished.

Well, since no one dislikes this idea…

And maybe I’ll throw this in, too:

And this:

TFB, criticise shibe.

TFB criticise yourself.

Nobody is perfect.

Interesting start, but nothing too fancy or attention gathering. It’s definitely not worth using again (which you do later).
Metal guitars are way too loud all the way through the song.
The piano break was okay at first, but then when the bass got to the low D it sounds more like you desperately wanted to put something there.
Drums were all awkward; I could never get a proper feel on the beat.
Sheet 26-27 and Sheet 29 was really good.
Overall the balance between your instruments really needs to be fixed. And also, while drums can sometimes be crazy, they do typically have a “feel” towards either the downbeat or upbeat of a song. In Sheet 35 for example, the drums are okay.

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective:
Player not specified: used new player
Very good instrument choices.
The drums are off in certain areas. Measure 4, etc. should have only 2 hi-hats per snare rather than 4 (I like describing hi-hats that way).
You should’ve added some percussive organs with the Rhodes during some runs.
Overall it seems like the Rhodes/Percussive organs should’ve been louder.
Measure 41. Percussive organs should’ve been higher than the Rhodes and louder. This was probably the only poor instrumentation. Perhaps the bass at the end of this run should’ve been louder too.
Otherwise great cover. 4/5.

Guren no Yumiya - Linked Horizon
Player not specified: used new player
If this is a remix (which I believe it is) then this is beautiful.
However, there is a major problem in this: the balance is far too off.
The drums are MUCH too soft, and same as the vocals. The parts that really matter are covered up.

Jet Man (Rokko Chan):
Player not specified: used new player
GCVL put it perfectly: “really nice full sound you got here. Really nice.”
I looped it 3 times just to find any SLIGHT issues. ANYTHING. The only thing I found was the high trumpet sounded odd. That’s ALL.

such criticize
much insult


I would feel too biased in the proceedings.


If a player isn’t specified, you should use the old player; you’ll hear the songs the way the composers intended them to be heard. The songs are composed in the old player, after all.

Personally I feel that both players should be used, both by critics and songwriters alike. Both have pros and cons, however I can’t wait for v3 to come out of course.