Call of Duty in general

I thought this game should have it’s own topic being it is probably the best pre-release seller of all time according to gamestop. Anyone have this yet or planning to get it? I don’t even play first person shooters that much and this one has me hooked.

I have it.

My brother has it. He plays almost all of the time, and is already level 50. I played one match online, and that was it. I don’t care much for those games.

I have a friend who’s at level 65, just about ready to get to the first prestigue. I’m only at level 31

I’ve had it for three days now and I’m level 21. This game is slowly beinging to consume my time. >.< I kick ass at CTF though.

my friend has it… I played it… was horrible at it…killing myself is fun XD

I hated this game so much. My friends invited me over to play it…and I did what SP did.
I invited him over for some Crash Team Racing (THE FIRST CTR) and boy, payback is a bitch.

I’m a big fan of Demolition on this game. It’s the best way to earn points and level up faster.

All clap for me, I finished it a few weeks ago.
coughon recruitcough

I haven’t tried that one yet. I enjoy playing Headquarters and CTF now. Level 32 now.

Level 70 now, one more session from getting to prestige 1. I like headquarters too but none of my friends like it that much.


Hey guys, I recently purchased an Xbox 360 and I am VERY impressed. I don’t have Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 yet, but I want to talk about Call of Duty 3. This game is AWESOME, the story mode is supurb, and the multi-player is even better. The thing I have with FPS sometimes is it’s all about the multi-player. So if you need a special device to play the multi-player though, your screwed. This game has a FUN single player, which I have beaten but still play. I dont have Xbox live yet, but the split screen multi-player is still VERY fun. So overall I give it a 8-8.5.

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TheSandyRavage and Don Newman does not approve.

Srry if I was off topic. I dont have CODMOD2 yet and COD3 is the only one I have. My bad:((

If you think cod3 rocks then you will be blown away by Mw2. Cod3 is dubbed the biggest disappointment in CoD history, especially for its live multiplayer.

well COD3 got an 7.8 (pretty much a 8), which is what he thinks. CodMW2 got a 9.5. and ocarina of times still has no successor for best game ever :3

Wow I played the Multiplayer for COD3 and it was amazing…it must be because the only point of reference I have to beat it with is Medal of Honor, and the whole series of MOH is horrible, especially the multiplayer.

Haha that was so funny star when you played it at my house. I got COD 4 recently and it is really fun. The M16 is the most amazingly awesome gun in the game. M16+Red dot sight+Stopping power pro= ALOT of kills, in some ways its to good.

I got this game about a month or two ago and I love it. I wasnt blow away, this game is like a rage quit waiting to happen. The most annoying parts about this game are the camping, noobtubes, and how freakin fast the guns kill. This game has an AMAZING single player, Spec ops is a good addition, those are fun, and the multiplayer is still great, but it could be better.