~CC2017~ Official Thread

~CC2017 Thread~
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CC2017 Official Intro by Star - Songs - Notessimo

  • No one's part is to be edited in any way, shape, or form once it has been submitted, excepting the original user either consents or desires to change it themselves after posting. Each part should be copy/pasted into a single sheet to save space.
  • We will be composing using V3 Standard
  • User-Generated samples will be allowed at each user's discretion (note that this adds space to your file size).
  • Each user will be allotted a set amount of megabytes of space they can add to the collab. That amount is equal to (25-intro size in MBs)/n, where n is equal to the number of participants in the collab. Currently you have ~1 MBs to play with, if you go over you will need to find ways to save space.
  • When you complete your part, just post it directly to the forums. The next user can download it from there.
  • We'll be using the cc2012 method to determine the who/what/how of making the song
  • Users will be assigned their part at random DONE
  • Each user will have 2 weeks to complete their part. If you fail to complete your part in your allotted time, you will be skipped.
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Alright, so should we decide to go with v3 I think what we can do to keep the size down is staying away from composing like I usually do, with a fuck ton of diffirent sheets in the song tab, but rather sticking to a single sheet each. Obviously that won’t be enough if everyone wants to join in, but maybe it’ll help a little? Not quite sure how it works, honestly…
Oh, and no imported samples?

I can use v3, but very little. If anything my part would be one or two instruments total. I have yet to figure out the sheets timeline at the bottom of the composer… :stuck_out_tongue:

In that case it’s probably best if one of the mods finish up with the song then (bigger upload size permitted).
If imported samples were used, there’d have to be a unanimously decided set of them if at all. That way people can just use the same sample later on from the side bar.

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Tho I haven’t tested how Notessimo reacts with compressed samples, it’s something helpful to keep in mind if the size does get out of hand.

I’d love to do a collab, I feel way more confident than I was around 4 years ago.

where’s the official thread at

i’m in if i can shitpost

O_o was not expecting this kind of support.

I’ll go ahead and modify the OP with names of supporters and start some new polls as people come up with new ideas. From here, we need to discuss strategy and plan out how this will work. I don’t mind coming up with a composition schedule like last time, and I would also like to open a contest for the introduction to get things rolling (anyone can write an intro, everyone submits one and then we vote on which one we start with).

To be honest I think we can deal with the headache of the file size limit when we approach it, for now, I’d like to declare this idea is now a thing.

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If all else fails and the file is too big at the end, we could offer a sacrifice to Starburst, but we should still take measures to keep it reasonably small.

It’s v2 so I don’t know if someone could recreate it in v3 . whatevs


(also I won’t be submitting an intro)

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No need to announce any intentions, just let me know if you want a time extension if you decide to make an into late :slight_smile:

We could restrict submissions to only have a set number of sheets (maybe 3-4) and/or bar measurements (maybe 32 max) to regulate file size (in Hellstick’s case, copy/paste all his notation onto the same sheets). Of course, this isn’t a foolproof strategy, but it is probably worth a shot.

I was going with the idea of a single sheet to make identification easier. File size is going to be an interesting challenge but I think we can make it work so long as nobody goes completely overboard with their part. It’s difficult to make that statement into a set of specific restrictions so for now I’d prefer to leave it open ended.

It may be better, rather than any limitation within the song, to say that your part can only increase the file size itself a specific amount (easy to figure out, just compare the before and after). The problem is that with 15 people already in the mix, you’d get something like half a megabyte, which is a paltry amount. I plan on tracking the file size from the first few submissions to see what sort of boundaries we need to set.

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I want to be part of colab but i don’t want to submit and intro.

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Can i just point out something in regards to the status you made today, although the winning poll result is “No new samples should be added” (5 votes) remember that technically speaking, 7 votes have gone towards ‘Yes we want samples, but not sure about the method of doing so’;
1 vote with “Create a Save File with all imported samples to be used on it before the collab starts”
3 votes with “Allow users to add samples at their own discretion”
3 votes with “Users would have to submit any desired samples publicly to be approved”
making a total of 7; therefore it would be unfair to assume that the general consensus is to not have any added samples.

why is there no such thing as disliking posts

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Because expressing approval is much less destructive than the oposite and disagreement should be met with dialogue rather than shitstorms.


Please contribute related to the thread.

Adding samples would make it literally unpostable if the song is 10+ minutes long like the last one.

-If samples were to be added, there would need to be very few. Having so little would most likely then require them to be preloaded to begin with (even one or two samples for example), IF samples were to be used.
-The .zip method is possible although probably should be avoided in case of problems.
-Mods can upload up to 25MB for a song i believe (correct me if i’m wrong).

But my point still stands in that more votes are technically going for “yes”
All i’m saying is to consider that fact.

Additionally, the 2012 collab had more people (25, as opposed to 15-20) and each part will be limited to one sheet this time (as i understand) and some people may not contribute 2 minutes at a time like NCC2012 haha.
Without samples and at 10 minutes (of relatively complex composition all the way through) it may reach around 15-20MB without zipping it.
[For context i’m basing this off one of my songs: spectral sentience’s size (1.7MB @ 2 minutes) and literally doubling it]

My point is, it’s still technically doable at this stage, there’ll just have to be a very limited number of samples.
Personally i’m fine either way; samples or no.
I just figured some people might prefer a replacement for a particular dud v3 sample or something
or perhaps a better synth.

I’m going to assume that was directed at me;
I’m merely pointing out that the majority of voters are preferring samples at this stage, so all you’ve really done is mistaken that post for my opinion.

Furthermore, no-one should have to say this to you considering your warning history but just in case you missed it the last ten times:

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