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This song I made on guitar pro and then made a GH chart for it, no other copies of this song exist for I have never shared these files.

The Song - (Weird URL)

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Wolf + Muse’s:

Ignore the double embeds.

Hell, nobody is gonna finish that… Maybe Unknowned or Dan, but NOBODY will go through with this.

It is really simple and most parts repeat.

Doesn’t matter.

Oh wait… It’s your GP5 song?

I’m sure ppl will finish that.

I’m up for it.

CoughGood LuckCough

I wish you good luck. I’ve never seen you do something by ear, so have fun.

Glad to see we have some people attempting it, and remember, you can PM me any time you want finished or not, just when the 23rd comes no more sending me updated versions. Also don’t let other peek so they can’t copy. If you request I can delete the song thread from your song forum.

Hey, some of the notes seem to be in the wrong place…


Does anyone want to collab with me for this song and do the drums? I’m really shit at drums and if you help there’s a chance we could win!

Oh and do I really have to use all those guitars?

What do you win?

I’ll probably give this a shot. Never covered anything by ear so it’d be a nice challenge.

EH! You said you’d finish Travel Demon and then finish Pull Me Under first!

I’m sure Sandal will give you time after you do those first.

Travel Demon will take forever, I can take a week or two to try this. And I didn’t say for sure that I’d finish Pull Me Under.

Damn you. You always know how to screw someone over.

If a winner is you, I think you get cookies, a samurai sword signed by randy jackson, and 4 tickets to Candyland.

Does anyone want to collab with me? :frowning:

So far I’ve liked what I’ve heard.

I want to hear!! :oops: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

Sure Muselline, I’ll collab with you. In fact, I’ve already got an intro going.

How many have already submitted a finished one?